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      What do you need to know to get on the web?
  • how much will it cost?
    You can get started with 5 pages for around $400 to $500
  • how long does it take?
    It depends on you. If you have the content, a week.
  • what info do I need from you, the client?
    You need to provide me with the information you want to communicate to your audience.
  • what do I have to do, to get you, the client, on the net?
    I need to register a domain name if you don't have one, agree on a design, populate the pages with your content, upload the pages to a hosting service, and set the domain name to point to the hosting server.
  • how do you, the client, arrive at a structure for the site?
    that's a big one, more info

  • what are the elements of good graphic design?
    another big one, more info

  • can you show examples of other sites you have built?
    yes, just email me