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      How does the client decide on a structure for the site?

Sit down at a word processor or pad and jot down the answers to these questions

  • What is the objective of your site?
  • What information does the customer need to know to make an informed purchase of your product or service?
  • How can this information be presented so it is easy to find and understand? This will determine the sequence and content of the pages presented to the customer.
  • Build a skeleton of the site in Microsoft Word using the hyperlink facility to connect dummy pages together to test the sequence. “Save as” each page selecting the "html" option.
  •  Get some friends to try out the rough site and see whether the navigation and sequence of content is smooth or confusing.
  • Once the sequence and content have been determined you can actually start inserting txt and images to the dummy pages.
  • You can then publish the site and refine it over time.